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Spinto Shaker Cup

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Spinto Shaker Cup online buy in the USA
Get your Spinto Shaker Cup in the USA! Best for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, this durable and versatile cup ensures smooth mixing for your protein shakes and supplements. Order yours now!
Spinto Shaker Cup
Safe and Leak-proof: Spinto Shakers are designed with sealed housing and screw caps, ensuring that you can place them in your bag without worrying about any leaks. The secure construction prevents any accidental spills, so you can carry your protein mixing bottle with peace of mind.
Portable and Convenient: These shakers come with flexible handles, making it easy to carry them with you wherever you go. Whether you’re heading to the gym, engaging in outdoor sports, going camping, or even on a trip, the shakers are designed to be your reliable companion.
Durable and Resistant: Spinto Shakers are built to withstand falls and are highly durable. This makes them ideal for gym exercises and other physical activities. You can count on them to endure the rigors of your active lifestyle.
Suitable for Everyone: These shakers are not limited to a specific group of individuals. They are suitable for moms, dads, brides, friends, couples, and even children. So, anyone can benefit from using them to replenish energy and stay motivated and healthy.
 Easy to Use: Spinto Shakers feature a folding lift tap, allowing for easy access to your drink. The screwed lid ensures a secure closure, preventing any spills. You can take your shaker wherever you want using the friendly handle, making it convenient for on-the-go hydration.
With their safety features, portability, durability, and versatility, Spinto Shakers are an excellent choice for anyone looking to stay hydrated and energised. So, whether you’re hitting the gym or going on an adventure, these shakers have got you covered!
1: Spinto Shaker Cup: The Spinto Shaker Cup is designed to make mixing your drinks a breeze. It comes with a stainless steel wire whisk that helps create smooth and lump-free shakes.
2: SpoutGuard: To ensure hygiene, the Spinto Shaker Cup is equipped with a SpoutGuard. This feature helps keep germs off the drinking surface, ensuring a clean and safe drinking experience.
3: BPA and Phthalate Free: Spinto Shaker Cup is made with materials that are free from BPA (Bisphenol A) and phthalates. This means you can enjoy your drinks without worrying about harmful chemicals.
4: Wide Mouth: The wide mouth of the shaker cup allows for easy pouring of ingredients and hassle-free cleaning.
5: Leak-proof Seal: The shaker cup is designed with a leak-proof seal, so you can shake your drinks vigorously without any worries of spills or leaks.
6: Secure Flip Cap: The secure flip cap ensures that your drinks stay inside the cup, even when you’re on the move. No more accidental spills!
7: Dishwasher Safe: Cleaning the Spinto Shaker Cup is a breeze. It is dishwasher safe, making it convenient for everyday use.
8: Capacity: The Spinto Shaker Cup has a capacity of 22 oz, allowing you to mix and enjoy a generous amount of your favourite drinks.

  • Safe & Leak-proof:  No more spills!
  • Portable & Convenient: Take them anywhere!
  • Durable & Resistant:  Built to last!
  • Suitable for Everyone: Energy for all!
  • Easy to Use:  Simple and secure!
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