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Spinto Padded Lifting Straps

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Spinto padded lifting straps Purchase online in the USA
Elevate your lifting game with Spinto padded lifting straps! Purchase online in the USA for superior support, comfort, and grip during intense workouts. Upgrade your lifting experience today for peak performance!
Spinto Padded Lifting Straps
Spinto padded lifting straps are like your trusty sidekicks in the weightlifting world!  These straps are specially designed to give you that extra support and grip when you’re going all out on heavy lifts. They’re made to wrap around your wrists, providing a secure hold on the barbell or dumbbell. What sets them apart is the added padding, which not only enhances comfort but also prevents the straps from digging into your skin. So, whether you’re deadlifting, rowing, or doing any other heavy lifting exercise, these straps can help you maintain a solid grip and reduce the strain on your hands and forearms. They’re a game-changer for athletes and weightlifters who want to take their performance to the next level and minimize the risk of injuries.
Here’s a breakdown of the awesome features of these Spinto padded lifting straps:
1: These straps are made from 100% synthetic material, which means they’re durable and built to last. They’re designed to withstand the rigors of intense weightlifting sessions.
2: These straps are imported, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product that has been crafted with attention to detail.
3: They come as a pair of padded cotton lifting straps, perfect for weightlifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strength training. The cotton material provides a comfortable feel while still offering the necessary support.
4: The Spinto pads  straps are a game-changer. They’re strategically placed to cushion your wrists during heavy lifts, taking the pressure off your hands and grip. This is especially beneficial for exercises like deadlifts, rows, and snatches.
5: With an extended length of 21.5 inches, these straps provide a stronger wrap on the bar. This means you’ll have a more secure grip and better control over the weight. The 1.5-inch width increases contact on the grip surface, reducing grip fatigue and allowing you to focus on your lifts.
6: These versatile straps can be used with barbells, dumbbells, bumper plates, and kettlebells. No matter what type of equipment you’re using, these straps will help maximise your gains in the gym by improving your grip strength.
7: The heavy-duty stitching ensures that these straps can handle the toughest workouts. They’re built to withstand the demands of heavy lifting, providing you with long-lasting performance. The merrowed end tabs also prevent fraying, so you can rely on these straps to support you for a long time.
8: These Spinto padded lifting straps are a must-have for anyone serious about their weightlifting journey. They offer comfort, durability, and enhanced grip, making them a valuable addition to your gym gear.
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Pair of Padded cotton lifting straps for weightlifting, bodybuilding, Powerlifting, and strength training
  • NeoTek pads cushion wrists for heavy lifts, taking pressure of the hands and grip during deadlifts, rows, and snatches
  • Extended length (21.5 inches) provides a stronger wrap on the bar, and the 1.5-inch width increases contact on the grip surface resulting in less grip fatigue
  • Use on barbells, dumbbells, bumper plates, and kettlebells to maximize gains in the gym with improved grip strength
  • Heavy duty stitching increases durability, and merrowed end tabs prevent fraying
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