About Us

As a second-generation pioneer, we have forged a legacy of pushing boundaries and setting new standards in fitness accessories. Our commitment to innovation and quality craftsmanship has earned us the trust and admiration globally.
We are passionate about empowering athletes and removing barriers from their path to achieve pinnacle performance. With a rich heritage spanning over time, We stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the fitness accessory manufacturing industry.

SPINTO FITNESS was founded in Atlanta, 2014 out of frustration over the very high prices of fitness accessories charged by many brands in the USA. At SPINTO FITNESS we decided to offer low prices to athletes who are looking for fitness accessories, BUT without compromising on quality as our legacy. With the sole objective of offering quality high end fitness accessories at an affordable prices.

SPINTO FITNESS identified a gap that prompted us to take action and fill in in the market: Most high-end fitness and sports gears were being sold at highly-priced rates, which hindered most enthusiastic athletes from getting access to the necessary gear they needed for their use.

Mission and Growth:
Our mission has always been clear: to provide athletes of all skill levels with high-quality fitness and sports gear that is affordable and easily accessible while holding onto high quality. We imagined a world in which performance enhancement would be made possible for both beginners and professionals without having to spend more costs than necessary on fitness and sports gears. With the growth of SPINTO FITNESS over the years, we have manufactured bodybuilding, Powerlifting and Strongman gears to our product line. With the inclusivity and contribution of sports teams and elite athletes, we took their feedback into account to continuously hone and enhance our products.

Digital Transformation:
To engage with athletes globally and offer a seamless buying experience for our customers, we developed an online store platform that fully embraces the digital era. Our dedication to providing excellent customer service guarantees that every encounter with the members of our team is friendly and beneficial. Our ability to reach a wider audience through the internet platform has allowed us to go beyond national boundaries and provide superior fitness and sports gear all around the world.

Community Engagement:
We are deeply rooted in the belief in continuous improvements of our societies and actively giving back to the community through supporting young talents’ athletic initiatives, sponsoring local sporting events, and collaborating with humanitarian organizations. Our guiding principle is “giving back.” Our commitment to accessibility and equality in sports is a reflection of our desire to have a positive influence that extends beyond the world of exercise gear.

Our Aim:
At SPINTO FITNESS, we have two objectives:

  1. Provide dependable athletic and fitness gear that can endure intense training.
  2. Establish reasonable costs for our athletic and fitness gear so that everyone can afford it.

Quality and Innovation:
The word “SPINTO” signifies pride in the quality of what we have to offer. Every item of fitness gear is thoughtfully built from the highest quality components selected for their outstanding durability and reliability. We remain steadfast in our commitment to going above and beyond to make sure that each product gives you confidence and peace of mind as you engage on your fitness path.

Delivery and Commitment:
We recognize how important having a smooth experience is. We make sure that upon request your fitness gear is delivered right to your doorstep. While maintaining the goal to make fitness accessible to all, we aim to give you the greatest possible fitness journey.

Thank you for choosing SPINTO FITNESS – where every athlete’s potential is realized and excellence and cost coexist. Let’s work together to ensure that everyone can access fitness accessories.

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